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Group Administration


The Group is administered by an elected Group Executive Committee who currently also are responsible for fund raising although a separate sub Committee may be formed in the near future. Day to Day planning of section meetings is organised by the experienced section Leader team with regular Group Scout Leaders meetings to co-ordinate group activities as a whole.

Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting responsibilities of the appointment and is responsible for :

Maintenance of Group Property

Raising Funds and Administration of Group Finance
Insurance of persons, property and equipment
Group Public Occasions
Assisting in recruitment of Leaders and Adult support for sections
Appointing Sub Committees that may be required
Group Administration and appointing advisors other than those elected

The Executive meets on a regular basis normally once a term.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM is held each year to which any one can attend - executive members - leaders - helpers - cubs - beavers - scouts - parents and members of the public etc. This meeting ratifies the accounts and presents the achievements of the last year as well as electing a new Executive. The meeting is held between May and June each year.

Annual Census

The Scout Association complete a census annually on the 31 January each year. This is used to calculate membership fees to HQ, County and District and includes insurance for each member.

Annual Report

Copies are available at the AGM and on request from the Group Executive.

Group Scout Leaders Meeting

This meeting is open to all section leaders, assistant leaders and Young Leaders. It is chaired by the GSL and co-ordinates all group activities such as young people moving between sections, Group camps, Activity days , Outings, Programmes , Linking and parades etc .

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